How to Feel Better on a Down Day: Tips from a Natural Worry Wort Trying to Live More Faithfully

Distract worry with music, or an audiobook - using noise to drown out the ‘noise of worry’ works!
Memorize Bible verses that comfort and remind you that character is built during hard times
Take care of yourself - exercise, stretch, and eat well.

Listen to the news or a boring audiobook to fall asleep at night
Don’t be afraid to wake up your spouse or call a friend if you can’t sleep.

Don’t look at Facebook when you feel bad about yourself!
Don’t compare yourself to someone else.

Watch a funny movie or sitcom.
Watch a serious movie - the cry will make you feel better.

Drink a small glass of wine before bed.

Don’t blame your spouse for not understanding how you feel.

Think of how you give grace to others when they make mistakes, and make the decision to give that same grace to yourself.
Go out to lunch with someone.
Take yourself out to a coffee shop to enjoy a good, hot drink, and a good book.

Love those around you, and yourself.

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  1. This post is so legit! You got right to the point and told us what we needed to hear! Loved it. Thanks so much!

    I heard a great quote somewhere: If one of your friends talked to you the same way you talk to yourself (in your head), how long would the two of you remain friends? You reminded me of that when you said I should give myself grace.


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