The Little Things

When you've made a move to somewhere new, especially when it's somewhere very new to you, you realize how much the little things matter.

I think it's because there are so many big things going on - like trying to figure out where to buy groceries, which box all your missing shoes must be in, and missing the people who make up your daily life and know you best - that it is small things that make all the difference.

It's the cards you receive in the mail from family and friends, welcoming you to your new home;
the evenings you get to Skype with family from home;
finding good coffee in your neighborhood;
and weekend adventures to find homemade ice cream.

It's people at church, making you feel comfortable and inviting you out to lunch to get to know you;
realizing you know how to get home without using the GPS, even if it's just from the grocery store down the block;
and it's the moments of peace in the midst of unfamiliarity
that make the big things seem like they're going to be just fine.

(A card we received from Ben's grandma - isn't it sweet?!)

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