Cleaning, the Natural Way

Yesterday as I was making a cleaning schedule for the week (an idea that I recently discovered from another blogger: http://www.housecleaning-tips.com/house-cleaning-schedule.html), I was also reading about cleaning with natural products in your home. I found a few great ideas in Real Simple magazine's natural cleaning section. Since yesterday I was tackling the kitchen, I decided to try lemon as a recommended kitchen cleaner. And the results were fantastic!

To remove mildew, residue, etc. from countertops and the sink, cut a lemon in half, and sprinkle the top with baking soda. Scrub this on the countertops, sink, and especially in the corners of the countertop where it meets the walls. I recommend letting it sit for 5-10 minutes after scrubbing, and then wiping down with a wet sponge or cloth.

Since I was so impressed with it on the counters, I decided to try it on my stovetop around the gas burners, and it was incredibly effective. It took off residue that I have been chipping away at on our old stove for quite some time! While doing that, I soaked the burners and grates in the sink in a mix of 1 gallon warm water and 1/2 cup of baking soda for 30 minutes to an hour. My oven looks cleaner than it has in ages! (You can tell I am not a disciplined cleaner...) I also would recommend this cleaning for trash cans. Mine often gets dirty from tossing food and occasionally things found outside in our yard and garden that quickly adhere to the can - but again, this method had it sparkling in no time.

For more info on natural cleaning tips, check out Real Simple's site:

and this blogger ("The Happy Slob" - what a name!) who has several other great ideas on her site for cleaning naturally and otherwise:

My happy and clean kitchen!


  1. Rachel!! I love your blog so far!! Keep it up!

  2. Rachel!! I love your blog so far!! Keep it up!


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