Things I've Learned on My Way to 25

Today I turn 25 years old. I have been hesitant about turning this age, mostly I think because growing up, I thought 25 was so old and that you have your whole life figured out by then. I'm definitely not there! But I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago who is also turning 25, and she said to me, "Rachel, haven't you thought about all the ways you've grown and how much wiser and more grounded you are than when you were younger? I think 25's such a great age! Wiser, but still young enough to have a lot ahead of you." That really got me thinking - and she persuaded me to join her line of thought. So today, I walked down to a little cafe down the street, ordered a hazelnut latte, and I made a list to reflect on some of the simple truths I've learned on my way to being 25.

1. I know more than I realize.
2. It's ok to not know and to ASK.
3. Failures aren't so scary. They usually work out better than imagined.
4. Cable is NOT a necessity.
5. Fat is actually good for you (there IS good fat!).
6. Family is important.
7. Love doesn't look the same for everyone (Love does not equal romance and roses).
8. Friendships will pass, but some will stick around (and sometimes they will be the unexpected ones!).
9. Understanding myself brings light to many things, and ultimately, peace.
10.Marriage can be great when married to a great person.
11.Looks, weight, and makeup will NOT make me happy or confident. Taking care of myself and knowing myself WILL.
12.God is faithful.
13.It is ok to say no, but also good to push myself.
14.If you're looking for someone who knows you, look to your sister.
15.I am wiser and braver than I've ever been before, but I'm glad that I have much more to learn!
16.I am more grounded but less settled or sure than I was when I was younger.
17.Life is an open journey ahead of me, and I'm ready!

So, after all, 25 can be good...even great.

(Thanks to Colette for helping me realize this!)


  1. Love this Rachel,it seems you are very self aware and reflective this will prove to be a gift in your life! I find myself doing the same thing as I prepare to turn 30 tomorrow. I am excited about the new steps in your life recently! Keep writing I look forward to following you my friend.

  2. Very interesting Rachel....we can all learn something from each other regardless of our age. I would have to say you are wise beyond your years......and like you said we are never to old to learn more. You are also a very talented writer.


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