{[15]} Minute Monday

If you only have 15 minutes today to make your day a little smoother and happier...


...Cook for the week.  Throw a few things in a crockpot, let it go for a few hours, and voila! (Crockpot = meals for 2 for a week!)

...Write a thank you note to someone - even if it's just to say thanks for being a friend.

...Take a walk.  Even a few minutes of walking is like drinking a cup of coffee, singing your favorite song, or doing whatever makes you happiest.  The endorphins and energy that walking brings make it too good to pass up for your next stretch of down time in between the rest of your crazy life! (I don't really recommend walking down a road like this - aim for not in-the-middle-of-nowhere, especially in the desert...)

...Find an inspirational or encouraging quote or two, and write them down.  Look at throughout the day - read it, think about it, be encouraged by it.  Quickest therapy I know!

inspired by julianna at http://juliannamorlet.blogspot.com - thanks!

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