Advocate for Economic Justice

15.1% of all Americans are in poverty.  That is the largest number since the Census Bureau started publishing poverty statistics 52 years ago! 

Not only that, but 20.5 million Americans are currently in "deep poverty" - which means they have an income of less than $11,150 for a family of four. 

As many as 49.9 million Americans are without health insurance.

When will we begin to speak out about the injustice that is happening in our country?  The growing gap between the income and wealth of the poor and that of the wealthiest is more unequal than at any other time since 1928 (right before the Great Depression).

I encourage you, actually urge you, to pre-order Ron Sider's newest book (coming out in March), Fixing the Moral Deficit: A Balanced Way to Balance the BudgetYou can order it here for a low price of $12.00!  I work for Dr. Sider as a research assistant, and although he has not asked me to promote his book in any way, as someone who has been able to preview the final copy, I have to say - you will learn so much  about economic injustice, the current problems that lead to the inequality between the rich and the poor, and a balanced, concrete set of proposals for what we can do as a country to work toward economic justice.   

If we want to ensure a better future for our neighbors, our children, and those who are the neediest among us, we must advocate for it.

The first step is knowledge - learning about the extent of the problem.  Did you know - the average CEO salary in 2010 was 185 times that of an average worker's pay?  In European countries, CEOs in similar positions earn 55% less than American CEOs do.

There are ways we can learn and do more:

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