Here I am...back again.

It feels good to be back to the blog again.  Honestly, I'm not feeling quite up to it yet... the weeks after Christmas have quite honestly been tough for me (although full of wonderful things at the same time).  I have battled some anxiety that has flared up again with being more alone and unstructured after Christmas break.  I'm working on it in the best way I can, but am seeking out new ways to deal with it even more - I'm committed to being back to the best self I can be!  Part of that will be returning to blogging.  Not only do I love writing, but it is therapeutic and helps to process what is going on around and inside of me. Paired with more outdoors time, more walking, and more sleep, I think things are going to be looking up.  And even if that's a slow process, at least it's progress in my process.

For Christmas, I got so many wonderful things (more than we expected or asked for!), including a sewing machine.  I have to admit, I'm not actually much of a sew-er, as in, I don't know how to!  (except for watching my mom as I was growing up, which I'm hoping will come back to me quickly)  I am determined to learn how to use it, and I'm excited to try my mind at a few things.  First on the list, these draft dodgers from Martha Stewart and curtains (I guess more like valances) for the kitchen door and the living room window by my desk.  It is a huge window that is wide open and lets in a beautiful amount of natural light (I love old windows!) but is, well.... a little exposing.  If you're walking by out of the shower, or wearing pjs, or doing Zumba, it can be a little embarrassing.  

Here's the before:

Back deck door
Living room window
I'm going to be working with some fabric we have from other curtains to make shorter, half-curtain, valance type of curtain so that this window still has lots of natural light.  More to come in the next post with after pictures!

Today, I'm praying this prayer from Spoken Worship by Gerald Kelly:

Give me grace to not be, gracefully, the parts I am not called to be and to play with elegance the roles I'm given.

Fill me in somewhere in this giant jigsaw, God, somewhere in this work of art you're working.  Weave your wondrous tapestry until the twisted threads of me, surrendered to your artistry form an image that is beautiful to see. 

- R.

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  1. Rachel, I've been going through the same thing post-holidays. It definitely is a struggle to know what to do and where even to start when there's no structure built into your day, and that can be overwhelming too. Keep pushing yourself forward through it. I will remember you in prayer too!



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