Views from a Summer Garden.

We started our summer garden about a month ago.  It's a modest plot in our backyard that we dug up ourselves (with the help of a small rototiller).  We planted peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, pole green beans, pole peas, cucumbers, onions, and sweet corn!  We're especially excited about the sweet corn because it was an experiment we've wanted to do for awhile.  So far, we have several small stalks coming up - some got knocked down by a storm, but mostly, they're coming along pretty well so far.

This is an early picture:

Our landlords have helped us be more "green" this year - we are using rain barrels to water our garden, and Ben has constructed a string trellis for the beans and peas to climb.

I'll put up more recent pictures soon.  We can't wait to see what our garden yields this year!


  1. That is pretty cool. I have to dive in to growing my own garden. It’s easier on the pockets and organic.

  2. It looks good!! Seems like great ideas too. This post just makes me so wish I had a back-yard... :/ You've inspired me to want to garden!


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