Christmastime is here.

It feels so good to be back on the blog.  I've missed writing more and more, especially recently.  I find myself thinking about how I would write something that happened to me during the day, or how I'm feeling, and turning it into my latest imaginary "post."

I told some friends this the other day, and they asked me the obvious question - so, why don't you start writing again? So, here I am!

More to come soon - but for now, a few glimpses into the happenings this season at our home:

  • Made a Pinterest craft with rolled magazine pages
  • Decorated for the holidays
  • Made Christmas cookies with family
  • Finished my internship at the Department of Education last week with a trip to the White House!
  • Worked on papers and applied to grad schools with my husband over many cups of coffee
  •  Visited Amanda, my college roommate for all four years, and her husband Tyler in the hospital to meet their new little girl, Leah! We love her already...
  • Got our Christmas tree!
  • Went to the cabin with friends to just relax.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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