Gestures of Love

I've been thinking a lot lately about what love is - what it looks like, how it feels, and how so many times, it is different than what you expect.  I have found that small acts of love mean a lot to me - I save each card, letter, and act of thoughtfulness that I receive and love the "bank" of memories that it gives me each time I think about them.

The past two weeks, my husband, Ben, has blessed me in so many simple and thoughtful ways with acts of love.  On the first day of class, not only did he drive an hour and a half to pick me up late at night when I missed my train, but he even came with a beautiful vase of sunflowers.

This past Saturday, I just had one of those grouchy days - you know the ones I mean?  Nothing felt quite right - my hair felt frizzy, my jeans felt tight, and I felt tired and off - and so Ben offers to make dinner (he probably didn't want me to be around knives for any period of time, but I can't blame him!).  That gesture of love ended my day on such a better note.  He made a delicious pork roast with honey mustard beer sauce, roasted sweet potatoes and vidalia onions, and green beans with walnuts and olive oil.  I had asked for something whole food-ish and with some protein, and Ben hit it on the head!  We even had homemade peach cobbler for dessert.  Yum!

There are many other little things that I have in the bank of memories that I hold on to so dearly.  These moments, although fleeting and at times small, are each meaningful and precious to me, and they sustain me through the long days, the off days, and the quiet moments of life.

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  1. I always feel most loved with those simple acts. They make the biggest impact because they feel more genuine to me.


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