End of a Rendezvous, Back to Reality!

We got home at the end of this week from what started as a little and turned into a week-long getaway!  We had a great time being away and exploring a new city.  So much good food, great coffee, and time to relax.  Just what we needed.

Looking back at my list, it looks something like this:

- Catch up on sleep (already doing a good job on this one!) No problem here!
- Catch up on reading (school-work reading)
- Relax and enjoy it without guilt  Almost without any guilt...
- Go out for a nice dinner with my husband to celebrate his new, upcoming job! (so proud of him) Yum, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!
- Watch a good documentary
- Catch up with my blog a little bit...this is always the hardest thing for me to fit into a busy week.
- Get back into an exercise routine.

So, I did pretty well!  My exercise routine only went as far as downloading new yoga videos on my Netflix....  Although I did do a lot of walking around the city this week (so that's something, right?).  I still need to do some reading, but I did get two major papers done, so I feel like I had a good start.  Last thing to do, find a good documentary.  Maybe this will be a perfect Saturday afternoon fix...
Coming up this weekend, a bachelorette party for my little sister (can't believe she's getting married in 2 weeks!) and a chance to hang out with my little brother while he's home from college.  Good things ahead.

Happy Weekend!


  1. glad the list is coming along! Sadly I didn't carve the pumpkin this weekend :( It involves using a drill and husband is a general contractor, so he has one, but he left it at his current job site. I'm going to try again today though and I promise I'll post some pictures. I did get to me DIY project it and it came out better than expected. I'll post pictures of that soon. :)

  2. Your blog inspires me to simplify something as I read with appreciation on my day off of work!


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