{My First Sewing Attempt!}

The Before
The After
Today I finally pulled out my brand new sewing machine (a gift from my mom this year for Christmas!) and sat down to conquer my very first sewing attempt - curtains.  A few days ... or maybe more like weeks... ago, I showed the wide open window we have in our living room.  I love the big old windows we have in our apartment, but they can certainly be a little exposing when you're stumbling around in your pajamas in the morning... So my first attempt at my sewing machine was to sew a curtain for our living room window.  I am not domestic at heart, and although I love artistic endeavors, I rarely am very good at them without either some major help or copying them from someone else's design.  Sad, but true...

So, with that in mind, I'll show you my first attempt - not great, a little shorter than I intended, and quite a bit crooked, but I'm excited just because I threaded my machine (on my own!), made it work (on my own!), and sewed a curtain (on my own!).  For me - that's a big deal!  I'll take this little victory for today. 


  1. Well done! I love the color :)
    I get excited when I can thread my machine too :) It's such a struggle (and sadly one I documented about a year ago). I guess we're "on a break" for the time being, not that it's really intentional.

  2. Thanks Beth! I'm glad I'm not the only one who celebrates just when the sewing machine is finally set up!


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