A (Not-So-Early) Morning Prayer of Un-Domesticity


As I look at the pile of dishes ever-growing on the counters,
the assorted mugs, teacups, and glasses abandoned on once empty surfaces,
and the general feeling of dishevelment,
I am reminded
that I am no domestic goddess;
no Martha Stewart,
Rachel Ray, 
or Pioneer Woman.
I am just me.

And although being me means that there will not be perfect order,
perfectly cooked meals
or promptly cleaned up spills,
it does mean that I am being true to who I am made to be,
which somehow at the same time, allows me to grow into
what I'm not quite

I have been made by One whose vision for me is wider
than the state 
of my countertops
or the clarity of my thoughts (or window panes!);
whose call to me is found 
of my own imperfections,
a call to grasp this day as an opportunity
an opportunity to love
to embrace change
to reach out to a neighbor
and to do what I can do,
while asking for help at every turn
along the way.

Thank You
that You do not call me to be perfect, successful, or domestic;
as Mother Teresa said,
You just call me to be


  1. LOVE THIS, what beautiful truth!

  2. Amen! Rachel, God has blessed you with wisdom, and your blog is a blessing to me. Glen


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